New economy and its effects

1- The new economy capabilities.
2- How new economy help people in rich countries and poor countries?
3- The effect of information exchange in consumer.

New economy has great capabilities such as:

- A substantial increase in buying power. Buyers today can buy anything they want via the internet they don't need to go to stores and wait a lot of time to choose among the stores and they don't need to hold discussion with sales people on price, buyers can name the price they want to pay for a hotel room, airline tickets and if there any willing suppliers.

- In new economy buyers enjoy with goods and services varieties, they can order anything via internet like furniture (Ethan Allen), washing machine (sears), books ( advertises itself as the world's largest bookstore.

- These transactions made by internet help people in rich countries with high prices can find what they want in another place with lower costs, and help people living in countries with very limited local offerings to achieve great savings.

- In new economy great amount of information about anything people can read newspaper in any language from anywhere in the world they can know any thing in any country.

- In new economy it becomes easy to make order from anywhere.

- In new economy it become easy to compare notes on products and services consumer who interests in certain product or services can enter any chat room and exchange information and opinion about anything he want. Consumer can compare products and choose which product suitable for his budget and his needs.

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