Make your organization the best one.

1- How can our course solve your
 organization problem?
2- The name of our organization behavior course.
3- Topics will be discussed in our course.

1- How can our course solve your organization problem?

- If you are an owner for any organization you can increase your production and make your organization the best one by giving more attention to your employee's needs.
- If you make your employees feel that they are number one in your organization and give them comfortable condition to work in; their productivity will increase which lead to increasing in organization's production.

2- The name of our organization behavior course.

- To learn more about this behavior you should follow our course in organization behavior (O.B).
- We will explain "behavior in organizations course" sixth edition by:
 Jerald Greenberg (the Ohio state university)
 Robert A.Baron (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
 This course focuses on (understanding O.B, and managing the human side of work).

3- Topics will be discussed in our course.

Part1: Organization behavior: An introduction.
Ch.1: The nature & study of organizations.
Ch.2: Work in the twenty-first century: the changing world of people & organizations.

Part2: Basic human processes.
 Ch.3: Perception & Learning: Understanding & Adapting to the work environment.
 Ch.4: Individual differences personality & abilities.

Part3: The individual in the organization.
Ch.5: Motivation in organizations.
Ch.6: Work- related attitudes feelings about jobs, organizations, and people.
Ch.7: Career development & work stress.

Part4: Group Processes.
Ch.8: Group dynamics & Team work.
Ch.9: Interpersonal communication in organizations.
Ch.10: Decision making in organization.
Ch.11: Helping, cooperation, and conflict in organizations.

Part.5: Influencing Others.
Ch.12: Influence, power, and politics in organizations.
Ch.13: leadership: its nature & impact in organizations.

Part6: Organizational Processes
Ch.14: The work environment: Culture & Technology.
Ch.15: Organizational change & Development.

I hope enjoy our course.

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