Radical Marketing

   1- The Secret Of Succeeding Famous Companies.
   2- Ten Rules of Radical Marketing.
   3- The Three Stages marketing practice might
  4- What are marketing and marketer tasks?

1- The Secret Of Succeeding Famous Organizations.

- Radical marketing is a book praises some companies as Boston Beer, Harley- Davidson for succeeding by breaking all the rules of marketing. instead of making expensive marketing research, spending huge amounts on advertising, these companies stretched their limited resources, stayed in close with their customers, created  more satisfying solutions to customer`s  needs, and focused on delivering high product quality to their customers and winning long term customer loyalty.

2- Ten Rules of Radical Marketing.

a- The CEO must own the marketing function. they act like chief marketing officers.
b- The marketing department starts small & flat and stays small & flat. To stay involved in marketing CEOs shouldn't allow layers of management to grow.
c- Get face-to-face with customers. they know the advantage of direct interaction with customers.
d- Using market research tells marketers what the average customer wants. So marketing will be easier.
e- Hire only passionate missionaries.
f- Respect your customers as individual because the core customer are responsible for the bulk of their companies`s success.
g- Create a community of customers.
h- Rethink Marketing Mix. traditional marketers seek to reach broad audiences via large-scale advertising, while radical marketers use “ surgical strike advertising “ characterized by short, targeted advertisement campaigns.
i- Celebrate common sense. smaller companies with limited resources cannot hope to complete with large competitors. so radical marketers, for example, limit distribution to create loyalty & commitment among their distributors & their customers.
j- Be true to the brand. radical marketers “ are less obsessive about brand integrity, and they are fixated on quality.

3- The Three Stages marketing practice might pass.

a- entrepreneurial marketing. Most companies start by individuals who live by their wits. they knock on every door to gain attention.
b- Formulated marketing. Boston Beer now spends sums on T.V advertising, employs dozens of sales people, and carries on sophisticated marketing research. it has discovered that continued success require setting up & managing marketing department.
c- interpreneurial marketing. A lot of companies stuck in formulated marketing, these companies lack of creativity, their product`s  managers need to get out of the office, start living with their customers, and create ways to add value to their customers`s lives.
- The effective marketing can take many forms.

4- What are marketing and marketer tasks?

- Marketing tasks are creating, promoting, and delivering goods & services to consumers and businesses.
- Marketers are stimulating demand for a company`s products production & logistics professional are responsible for supply management, marketers are responsible for demand management. managers seek to influence the level, timing, and composition of demand to meet organization`s goals.

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