Core Marketing Concepts.

1- Target Markets & Segmentation Concepts.
2- Market Place, market space, and Mata Market concepts.

1- Target Markets & Segmentation Concepts.

- A marketer can rarely satisfy everyone in a market. Not everyone likes the same thing, so marketers start by dividing up the market.

 Market segments can be identified by examining demographic, psychographic, and behavioral differences among buyers, and then the marketer decides which segments present the greatest opportunity for each target market, the firm develops a market offering. For example Volvo develops its cars for buyers to whom automobile safety is a major concern.

- traditionally market was a physical place where buyers & sellers gathered to buy & sell goods, but economist now describe a market as a collection of buyers & sellers who transact over a particular product or product class; but marketers vie the sellers as constituting the industry and the buyers as constituting the market.

- The sellers send goods, services & communications (ads, direct mail) to the market; in return they receive money & information (attitudes, sales data). The inner loop shows an exchange of money for goods & services; the outer loop shows an exchange of information.

- The word market it has a lot of meaning differ from one king to another. Market means a group of customer as product markets, need markets (the diet- seeking market). Demographic markets and geographic markets …….etc.

* The structure of flows in modern exchange economy.


- Modern economy consist of four basic markets, (manufacturer markets, resource markets, intermediary markets, consumer markets).

- Manufacturers go to resource markets (raw material markets, labor markets, money markets), buy resources & turn them into goods & services and then sell finished product to intermediaries who sell them to consumers, consumers sell their labor & receive money with which they pay for goods & services the government collect tax revenue to buy goods from resource, manufacture, and intermediary markets & uses these goods & services to provide public services.

2- Market Place, market space, and Mata Market concepts.

- Market place is physical, as when one goes shopping in a store. Market space is digital, as when one goes shopping on the internet.

- Meta market is a cluster of complementary products & services that are closely related in the minds of consumers but are spread across a diverse set of industries.

Example the automobile Meta market consists of automobile manufactures, new car & spare parts dealers in purchasing a car, a buyer will get involved in many parts of this Meta market.

For example Edmund's, a website where a car buyer can find the stated features & prices of different automobiles & easily click to other sites to search for the lowest- price dealer, for financing. Metamediaries can also serve other Meta markets such as the home ownership markets, the parenting & baby care markets, and the wedding markets.
- there was two marketing concepts & we ill complete the other kinds later .


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